The number of scientific articles containing data produced with the Itrax instruments grows for every year

The number of scientific articles that contain Itrax data has now passed the 100 articles per year level, with an impressive 128 refereed articles published during 2015, and over 500 articles over the period 2005-2015. The first article appeared in 2005, and the number has been steadily growing, as you can see from the diagram below. The growth shows how the importance of XRF core scanning has been growing during these eleven years. The number of articles with Itrax Corescanner data makes up the largest part of these articles, with 104 articles during 2015. You can download a complete list with references to all articles, by clicking the link on the Download page.

This diagram shows the number of articles containing Itrax data, per year since 2005 when the first article appeared.