The main fields of application are in Mining, Exploration, Oceanography, Limnology, Paleoclimatology, Geology, Sedimentology, Environmental Science, Dendrochronology, Dendrochemistry and Environmental Forensics.

The Itrax instruments can be used for scanning of mineral and bedrock drill cores, sediment cores, and wood radial cores. The scanning provides data on the bulk composition, as well as element content and distribution of most elements all the way down to the trace level.

Scanning of wet, split sediment cores apply to e.g. deep sea exploration, paleoclimatic reconstructions, and oceanography. Follow the Paleoclimatology link under Applications for more information about this.

Wood density is a field of application where density images are used to determine parameters like year ring width and maximum density in each year ring. Follow the Wood Examinations link for more information about wood applications.

XRF scanning of wood and sediments are also starting to find applications in environmental research and environmental forensics.

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