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Itrax officer voted “On the job” winner in Australian competition

The Australian Academy of Science announced today that ITRAX Facility Officer Patricia Gadd is the national winner of the ‘On the Job’ competition.  Patricia was one of seven finalists chosen from across Australia, who keep Australian science moving.Click this link to see Patricia’s videoMatt Bell from the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering was also a […]

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XRF scanning conference 2017

This meeting is held in Taipei in 20th – 22nd of March 2017.If you are interested in XRF core scanning, please feel very welcome to sign up for this gathering!An excerpt from the meeting homepage: “XRF scanners have made an important contribution to the non-destructive and high resolution investigation of sediment cores from lakes and […]

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Australian Itrax laboratory scans one kilometer of sediment cores

The Itrax Corescanner at ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) was installed in 2012 and has now passed a total of one kilometre of scanned sediment cores. The milestone is a reflection of the instrument’s unique capability to reconstruct past climate and environments. The information obtained from the core scanner in combination with other […]

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