Our Scanners

The Itrax instruments allow you to get a clear view of how different chemical elements are distributed along samples like drill cores, sediment cores and wood samples. All elements from Magnesium and heavier can be determined,

The Itrax XRF Corescanner is a versatile research tool for analysis of metals from Mg to U in drill cores and sediment cores. It offers an unmatched combination of capacity and analytical capacity that gives the user full control.

The Itrax Drillcore Scanner is our XRF scanner for routine scanning of metals in rock drill cores. It can quantify the amount of all elements from Aluminium/Mg to Uranium precisely and with very high capacity.

The Itrax Multiscanner is dedicated to analysis of density and elemental content of wood, applying x-ray radiography and XRF.

The chemical elements that can be detected with these instruments include elements from Magnesium and up all the way to the heaviest elements. Also more odd elements like the Rare Earth Elements can be determined, in any concentration from bulk and down to the PPM level.

The capacity to analyze directly on the samples with sensitive and non-destructive technique makes a good basis for detailed sample interpretation and is a natural starting point for planning of further work on the samples when that is needed.

The flexible lateral analytical resolution allows the user to go from overview scans at centimeter steps to in-depth, sub-millimeter examinations with just a mouse-click. The Itrax instruments really demonstrate their capacity when it comes to the highest resolutions, offering x-ray radiographic images and XRF of highest speed and capacity, all the way down to the sub-millimeter level.

The analysis is performed without touching the sample surface, and leaves the samples essentially unchanged.

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