Itrax XRF Core Scanner

The Itrax XRF Core scanner is the flag ship among XRF scanners, with several unique features, and with world class performance in terms of speed of analysis, detection limits and documented ability to quantify concentrations of the elements found in samples. It is installed at almost 50 universities and research institutes world wide, and is found at most of the renowned institutes where XRF scanning is available. It is well suited for scanning of wet sediment in liners as well as drill cores.

Itrax Core Scanner combines XRF, x-ray radiographic imaging, optical imaging and magnetic susceptibility measurement, to provide detailed geo-chemical information where all chemical elements are determined simultaneously. Determination of PPM level concentrations of elements is a matter of one or a few seconds per scan point for most chemical elements, a feature that leaves most other XRF scanner still moving the scanning device to the first position. Reproducibility is unfortunately not something that you can always expect in XRF scanning, but with Itrax, already when applying this short time, repeating the scan produces very similar results. One example of this is shown below:

These two graphs show the reproducibility

The scanning increment size is variable, allowing for quick overview scans as well as detailed high resolution scans. A useful feature when doing high resolution scanning at steps of one millimeter or less per point is that Itrax, unlike other XRF scanners, does not lose speed as the step size is decreased. This is because Itrax has no slit system that decrease the beam size and at the same time decreases the x-ray intensity, but is equipped with a unique XRF beam construction.

Itrax Core Scanner is non destructive and does even not touch the sample surface during analysis, something that also saves scan time and makes this instrument good at handling sample cracks.

The software has a graphical user interface which is easy to handle and puts the user in control of the scan parameters. One of many unique software features is the point by point analytical quality feedback from the software. Our in-house software for element quantification delivers robust quantitative data for all elements in good accordance with other techniques.

You can read more about the use of this instrument under Applications and you can download a PDF instrument leaflet under Downloads