Itrax Core scanner


The Itrax Corescanner is an analytical instrument for scientific scanning of sediment cores, drill cores and other flat samples. It combines XRF, radiographic x-ray imaging, optical imaging and magnetic susceptibility measurement, to provide detailed geochemical information. Long samples can be scanned along their entire length up to 1.75 meters, applying any analytical spot size and step size from the centimeter scale down to 0.1 millimeter. At each step an analysis is performed, and these analyses together build up element profiles that show the content of a wide range of elements in each and every point along the sample, without missing any part. A high performance XRF analysis is performed at each step, as short as one second per point or longer, depending on the requirements. With a count rate as high as up to 300.000 counts per second, no more than one to three seconds per point is usually needed for a good analysis of all detected elements. This is just a fraction of what the smaller XRF scanners on the market need per point. A line of X-ray transmission image information can also be recorded at each step, and put together these lines form a radiographic image of the sample that displays the variation of chemical and density features, providing useful, complementary information to the XRF. Optical image information is recorded with a high quality optical RGB camera, which gives an overview of the the sample surface at high resolution. An optional magnetic susceptibility scanner completes the sensor range.

The Itrax XRF Core scanner offers high capacity, analyzing all chemical elements simultaneously, and reaching PPM level sensitivity in a few seconds for almost all chemical elements. This speedy instrument excels in precision and reproducibility. Elements from Al and heavier can be determined quantitatively, on a non-destructive and non contact basis. The software is designed for scientific work and puts the user in charge of all analytical aspects. At the same time, the Itrax corescanner is a real workhorse and many of the installations around the world are in use around the clock, providing top performance and a minimum of downtime.

You can read more about the use of this instrument under Applications or you can download a PDF instrument leaflet under Downloads