Itrax Core scanner


The Itrax XRF Corescanner is the market leading XRF Core Scanner and offers the best available performance in terms of speed of analysis, detection limits and quantitative capacity. It is installed at almost 50 universities and research institutes world wide, and is found at most of the renowned institutes where XRF scanning is available.

This is an analytical instrument for scientific scanning of sediment cores, drill cores and other flat samples. It excels in precision and data reproducibility. Only Itrax offers an analytical speed making high resolution scanning fast enough to be practical for whole cores. No more than one to three seconds per point is usually needed for a good analysis of all detected elements, regardless of chosen analytical resolution.

It combines XRF, radiographic x-ray imaging, optical imaging and magnetic susceptibility measurement, to provide detailed geochemical information where all chemical elements are determined simultaneously, reaching PPM level sensitivity in one or a few seconds for almost all chemical elements.

You can read more about the use of this instrument under Applications or you can download a PDF instrument leaflet under Downloads