Itrax Drillcore scanner


The Itrax Drillcore scanner is a development of Itrax core scanner and offers fast XRF scanning dedicated to routine scanning for metals and other elements in drill cores. It can determine all elements from Al and heavier, non-destructively, fast and accurate. All elements of interest are determined simultaneously in one scan and with high sensitivity. Itrax Drillcore scanner produces good quantitative data for metals by quickly scanning over the core surface. The scanner is equipped for routine scanning of large volumes of drill cores, offering smooth core handling, software that is straightforward and easy to learn. The post processing software can display element profiles along cores together with high quality core images. The result files have a format that are easily imported into other software.

This instrument offers documented quantitative capacity for all chemical elements from Al and up. XRF scanning on drill cores provides results in good accordance with traditional drill core analysis. A key feature of the Itrax Drillcore scanner is that it is delivered with so called standardless software for element quantification. It can handle most sample matrices and deliver quality quantitative estimates for any concentration from trace amount and up to the levels of metals found in mining. This makes it possible to insert cores of most mineral compositions and obtain good quantitative results, without having to pre-calibrate for each specific mineral. Application notes as well as a comparison between Itrax and handheld XRF can be downloaded under Downloads.

Standard scan time for drill cores is 100 seconds per meter, allowing for a high sample throughput. This scanner also features a Mapping mode where element correlations and mineral phase data can be retrieved from a more detailed scan.

Itrax can be used in a permanent setup, or in the field installed in a container for convenient re-location.

You can read more about the use of this instrument under Applications/Mining and Exploration, or you can download a PDF instrument leaflet under Downloads