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About us


Cox Analytical Systems is a leading provider of XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) scanners for XRF Scanning. We build scanners by scientists for use in research and industry. A deep understanding of x-ray physics have resulted in several cutting edge constructions. Itrax stands for XRF scanners with innovative constructions, packed with solutions that offer several competitive advantages. These instruments find their applications in scanning rock drill cores, wet sediment cores and wood, within fields like Geology, Petroleum Engineering and Research, Mineral Exploration and Research, Forestry, Environmental Research, Paleo climate research, etc.

Cox Analytical Systems have been supplying analytical instruments since the early 90's, and was founded by a group of researchers specialized in XRF. This knowledge continues to prove itself in several unique constructions, all having cutting edge performance. We keep pushing the limits for XRF scanning again and again.

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