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Itrax FiXRay


Itrax FiXRay was earlier named Itrax XRF Scanner SC.

  • Itrax FiXRay is our entry level XRF scanner, offering XRF scanning data combined with RGB images.

  • Sample types include wet sediment samples as well as drill cores, split drill cores and slabs.

  • The scanning is performed without touching the sample surface, thereby saving much on the total time. The distance is kept at exactly the right height above the sample with a distance meter.

  • The analytical resolution is variable in the 10- 1 mm range, for adaptability to different needs and applications, so that each scanner can be used for different requirements.

  • Itrax FiXRay covers all chemical elements from Mg-U in one scan, and offers good scan speed combined with good sensitivity and an attractive price tag.

  • Standard sample throughput for mineral drill cores is ~5 meter per hour, allowing for precise quantitative data with concentrations of the determined elements per meter of core.

  • For scanning with incremental data, a scan time of 3-15 seconds is usually applied all the way down to 1 millimeter increments, with good data quality.

  • When increments down to millimeter level are in focus, Itrax scanners offer a unique, cutting edge feature where the same, short analytical speed and good performance is maintained regardless of increment size, all the way down to 1 mm.

  • A key feature is that this scanner is delivered with the same robust software for element quantification as our larger scanners. It can handle large shifts in sample matrices and still deliver good quality quantitative estimates for any concentration, from trace level and up to the concentrations found for matrix elements. The software is straightforward and easy to use, with a graphical user interface.

  • All detected elements of interest are determined simultaneously, without the need for time consuming multiple analyses at different voltages. Each instrument is equipped with XRF and a RGB optical camera that registers sample images of high detail. A laser determines the sample topography, allowing for non contact analyses that are performed at correct distance for each and every increment.

  • The concentrations and all other data are available directly after the analysis, without need for calibration with other analyses.

  • Like all Itrax XRF scanners, the FiXRay provide chemical element data that have a documented good accordance with traditional XRF analysis. It is one of our latest constructions, featuring an advanced XRF system that determines all chemical elements at the same time, with peak areas as well as quantitative values as data output.

  • With a robust construction of Made in Sweden quality and built for 24/7 operation, this XRF scanner works well in a permanent lab setup as well as in a lab container for field work.

On the Products overview page you find a list of inventions that were first introduced by our company. Most of them are still unique for the Itrax scanners, adding important aspects to the performance.

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