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Itrax FleXRay XRF Scanner

  • Itrax FleXRay is our XRF scanner where you have XRF scanning combined with RGB images, and also can add more sensors, including Magnetic susceptibility, UV spectrometry, NIR spectrometry, etc.

  • This instrument offers our best XRF system, i.e. the same type as in the MaXRay. It offers very fast analyses of down to 1 second per analytical point, and can handle big variations in the sample matrix.

  • Sample types include wet sediment samples as well as drill cores, split drill cores and slabs.

  • The scanning is performed without touching the sample surface, thereby saving much on the total time. The distance is kept at exactly the right height above the sample with a distance meter.

  • The analytical incremental resolution is variable in the 10- 1 mm range, for adaptability to different needs and applications, so that the scanner can be adapted to different requirements.

  • Itrax FleXRay is available in two versions, one for wet as well as dry samples, that offers analysis of all elements Mg-U. The second version is for dry samples only, and covers all chemical elements from Na-U. All detected elements are determined in one scan.

  • The concentrations and all other data are available directly after the analysis, without need for calibration with other analyses.

  • The maximum sample throughput is ~12 meters per hour

  • Sample throughput with incremental information is ~5 meter per hour, allowing for precise quantitative data with concentrations of the determined elements per meter of core.

  • The software can handle large shifts in sample matrices and still deliver good quality quantitative estimates for any concentration, from trace level and up to the concentrations found for matrix elements. The software interface is straightforward and easy to use, with a graphical approach.

  • This is a robust construction of Made in Sweden quality and built for 24/7 operation, this XRF scanner works well in a permanent lab setup as well as in a lab container for field work.


On the Products overview page you find a list of inventions that were first introduced by our company. Most of them are still unique for the Itrax scanners, adding important aspects to the performance.

If you would like to have more information about our products, a brochure, a technical comparison of our different scanners, a quote, a list of scientific articles containing Itrax data, a demo, etc., please click here for a contact form

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