ITRAX product line

The Itrax family of high performance XRF scanners are packed with innovations that add performance. These scanners allow you to get a clear view of how different chemical elements are distributed along samples like drill cores, sediment cores and wood samples. All elements from Magnesium and heavier can be determined, and with the Itrax XRF scanner MC you can even even determine Na at the same time. The Itrax scanners also have good sensitivity for more odd elements like Rare Earth Elements, Molybdenum and Uranium. These can be determined in any concentration from bulk and down to the PPM level.


The capacity to determine elements with sensitive and non-destructive XRF technique directly from the surface of samples like drill cores makes a good basis for fast sample data access, and when needed also detailed information. The analyses are performed without touching the samples, and leaves the samples unchanged. In combination with the large amount of quality information that can be retrieved and with the high sample throughput, this makes XRF scanning with Itrax a natural starting point for further work on samples in many scientific applications.

The variable lateral analytical resolution allows the user to go from overview scans at centimeter scale to in-depth, sub-millimeter examinations with just a mouse-click. The Itrax scanners really excel when it comes to the highest scanning resolutions, offering XRF data with high speed and capacity.