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ITRAX product overview

Game changing innovations from Cox, for you to use with Itrax scanners

  • Conduct XRF scanning without sample contact for faster and more accurate analytical results.

  • Utilize laser technology for non-contact measurement of sample topography.

  • Perform fast analysis of all chemical elements from Na to U, including difficult elements such as REE metals.

  • Employ PolyflatTM X-ray beam guide technology for faster analysis

  • Analyze both light and heavy elements with precision in one fast analysis.

  • Perform XRF scanning at any increment size from meter to sub-millimeter.

  • Implement high-speed scanning for small increments without the need for a capacity reducing slit.

  • Benefit from XRF software that uses fully-featured Fundamental Parameter techniques to quantify element concentrations in one click, without need for calibration with other techniques.

  • Apply our advanced data processing tool to display, evaluate, and log borehole data with ease.


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