ITRAX product overview

Game changing innovations first introduced with Itrax scanners
  • XRF scanning close to the sample surface but without sample contact, for improved scanning speed.

  • Contact free measurement of sample topography by laser, for best scanning results.

  • Capacity to determine all chemical elements Na-U in one fast analysis and at one voltage with best sensitivity, and to distinguish between all these elements and to quantify them,  even the REE metals.​

  • PolyflatTM X-ray beam guide technology, for higher speed of analysis, especially at small step sizes.

  • Dual x-ray energy excitation, for high sensitivity analysis of light as well as heavy elements simultaneously.

  • XRF scanning at different lateral step sizes with the same beam size, thereby achieving a slit free, high speed scanning solution for small increments.

  • Millimeter and sub-millimeter level increment XRF scanning down to 0.1 millimeter, for fine sample details.

  • XRF software for quantification of element concentrations based on Fundamental Parameter technique and dual x-ray energy excitation allowing for good estimates of absolute amounts of all detected elements.

  • ReDiCore data display and evaluation tool for data from one core at the time.

  • Borehole Viewer advanced data processing tool for display, evaluation and logging support of boreholes.


These innovative features were first introduced with the Itrax Core Scanner, starting in 2003.

Since then they have been integrated in our later instruments too, as these were introduced.