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Mining and Exploration


Understanding the chemistry of the ore body and wall rock is integral to a successful mining operation. Using traditional geochemical sampling methods is often a process of selecting sections of core to be sent to the laboratory only to deliver results in a matter of weeks. The Itrax XRF Scanner MC eliminates these cost and time constraints by allowing geologists and metallurgists to analyse every metre of core ever drilled at the operation at a real time 2min/metre. From Na-U, non-destructive & high precision chemical analysis, all on site, all determined in one quick analysis; bulk chemical elements, essential elements, predictive elements and risk elements.

Photo: Open mining excavation


By a combination of good detection limits, a wide suite of detectable elements and world class speed and performance, the Itrax scanners delivers whole rock geochemical data on a real time basis allowing for key decisions to be made on site as needed. The unique technology allows for detailed analysis at small 1mm scan steps when great spatial detail is needed or for larger 10mm steps for overview, without compromising speed or analytical performance.

Selected applications;
• Deliver high quality chemical data to the mill prior to mining the ore
• Map and model any combination of pathfinder elements ranging for Na-U
• Determine sulphur distribution and stay on top of the risk of sulphide dust explosions
• Combine with traditional assay methods to create a robust, high definition grade control model

Photo: Vinicunca Rainbow Mounta, Peru
Courtesy: Shrey Sharma (@hsharma5)

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