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Itrax MaXRay XRF Scanner


Itrax MaXRay was earlier named the Itrax MC


Sample cups can be scanned for elemental content with good

results, applying Matrix or QR code for safe sample handling.

  • Itrax MaXRay offers fast and accurate XRF scanning of large volumes of drill cores, with good data quality and in short time.

  • This scanner can scan a set of drill cores in one batch. The cores can also be in a corebox.

  • Sample types include mineral cores in e.g. mining and exploration, as well as dry sedimentary cores for energy industry etc. Full circle or split dry cores as well as dry slabs can be scanned.

  • Applications include, but are not limited to, quantification of minerals and chemical elements in cores, spatial distribution of minerals and elements along cores, identification of zonings, and fast, initial scanning for selection of areas of investigation with more laborsome techniques.

  • The MaXRay combines XRF scanning with RGB images of each core, and offers smooth core handling, batch job support, optimized crack handling, and quantitative capacity for all detected elements.

  • The capacity is up to 120 meters of core per 8 hours, making it our fastest scanner.

  • Scanning of cores can be expected to give good estimates of the content all detected elements in cores.

  • The concentrations and all other data are available directly after the analysis, without need for calibration with other analyses.

  • XRF scanning can be performed with user selected increment size, so data can show the distribution of each detected element along the samples when this is of interest. Increments in 10-1 millimeter range, like required for e.g. some applications for sedimentary materials, only take a few seconds per analytical point for determination of all elements Na-U. It is even possible to scan with increments down to 0.2 millimeter. When scanning with incremental resolution, the overhead time between each increment is less a second.

  • All elements of interest are determined simultaneously in just one analysis, and with highest sensitivity for each and every element at one time.

  • The sample preparation needed is at a minimum. Drill cores can be scanned with good results without further sample preparation than a quick dust removal.

  • The MaXRay is equipped for batch analysis of tablets, powder samples, chips, etc. in plastic cups, like in the photo below.  Quantification is excellent for powders. The software supports Matrix code, QR code, etc. for easy and safe sample ID.

  • Itrax scanners are delivered with state-of-the-art software for element quantification, based on Fundamental Parameter technique. It can handle shifts in sample matrix and still deliver good quality quantitative estimates for varying concentrations.  There is usually no need for re-calibration with standards for every different set of minerals.

  • Software for data display and data interpretation of whole bore holes is delivered with every MaXRay instrument, including element and element pair graphs, ternary plots, etc.

  • The Itrax MaXRay is a robust, high quality construction built for 24/7 operation, Made in Sweden by a company that has been building XRF scanners for decades, and know what's needed in order to maximize the uptime, analytical quality and speed. It is suitable for a permanent lab setup as well as a lab container installation for field work.

On the Products overview page you find a list of inventions that were first introduced by our company. Most of them are still unique for the Itrax scanners, adding important aspects to the performance.

If you would like to have more information about our products, a brochure, a technical comparison of our different scanners, a quote, a list of scientific articles containing Itrax data, a demo, etc., please click here for a contact form

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