Itrax XRF scanners

Our analytical instruments give you a perspective on our world. The Itrax XRF scanners from Cox Analytical find their main use in applications related to Geology, Mining and Exploration, Oceanography, Paleo Climate and Environment.

Our scanners are market leading and you find them installed across the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia including China and Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

These XRF scanners are designed for different types of core samples from sediments, rock, trees etc. They allow you to study how a wide range of elements vary in concentration along these cores. Sample types include bedrock and mineral drill cores, sediment cores, wood cores, etc.

Our scanners are market leading and offer cutting edge analytical performance, best sensitivity for chemical elements and highest speed of analysis. They provide a large amount of quality data in very short time, with a minimum of sample preparation.

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