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Cox Analytical Systems is a leading provider of XRF scanners. We build scanners by scientists for scientists, and at the same time these scanners are straightforward and easy to use. With these instruments you can scan along long samples to determine the variation of a wide range of elements along a scanned track. Our Itrax XRF scanners retrieves a wealth of information in short time, non destructively and cost efficient. A deep understanding of x-ray physics have resulted in several cutting edge constructions. Itrax stands for XRF scanners with unique constructions that offer several competitive advantages. These analytical instruments find their applications in scanning of drill cores, wet sediment cores and wood in Geology, Petroleum Engineering and Research, Mineral Exploration and Research, Forestry, Environmental Research, Paleoclimate Research, etc.

If you need a XRF scanner that offers high sample throughput and analytical quality, you have come to the right place. These scanners also offer scanning at variable scanning resolution, analyses without touching the sample surface, a wide element range with very good detection limits, and different scanners adapted for different sample types and needs.

Cox Analytical Systems have been supplying analytical instruments since the 90's, and was founded by a group of researchers specialized in XRF. This knowledge is proving itself in several unique constructions, all having cutting edge performance. We keep pushing the limits for XRF scanning again and again.

Below you find a table of some basic features of our different instruments, as a help to select the right scanner for your needs.

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The table to the left clarifies some of the basic features of the Itrax scanners. More details are found under Product Line in the menu.

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Itrax technology can bring down the cost per analysis by keeping the sample throughput and data quality at a maximum.


The advantage of Itrax scanning

XRF scanning is a fast growing technique, and the reasons are that this technique offers a combination of several usful features; a wealth of information about a wide range of chemical elements, a sample detail that is high enough for many examinations, fast and precise analyses, a minimum of sample preparation, and quantitative results. Core can be scanned in short time, without missing anything, and without labor intense sample preparation.

The graphs below each show two element profiles from a multi element scan of a core.  The two graphs, one in red and one in black, display the same Manganese profile, as recorded in two consecutive scans. Each profile contains 3,000 measurements with a spot size and step of 0.2 millimeter. Each spot was measured during one second only.The average Manganese concentration is ~0.07%. Can you find a scanner that does it faster and with better repeatability?


The Itrax Scanners support a strong need to understand our current and future climate, by reveling detailed historical climate data from sediments as well as wood. Other applications includefields like exploration for oil, gas and metals, as well as research in geology, forestry and environment. Our scanners are thereby found in research and education as well as in the industry. Over the years, several hundred scientific articles have been published that contain data from Itrax scanners. You find them listed under Downloads.

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