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We offer cutting edge XRF scanning solutions for
mining, geology and climate science

25 years of Itrax scanning

Now for over a quarter of a century, Itrax scanners have been contributing with high quality data to scientific and industry applications


What Itrax XRF Scanners offer

Itrax XRF scanning is a fast and accurate way to determine the content and distribution of a wide range of elements in elongated samples like drill cores and wet sediment cores. The level of detail can be selected, from meter down to sub-millimeter. 

These analyses require a minimum of sample preparation, are non destructive, and can be applied off-line or for fast feedback to drilling. Itrax data includes the matrix elements as well as all the heavier, and can thereby determine the amount of each chemical element in your samples, from Na-U.

Itrax XRF Scanners

Our XRF scanners find their applications in scanning drill cores as well as wet sediment cores or even wood samples, within fields like Geology, Petroleum Engineering and Research, Mineral Exploration and Research, Forestry, Environmental Research, Paleoclimate Research, etc.

​If you need an XRF scanner that offers high sample throughput and high analytical quality, you have come to the right place. Each of our Itrax XRF scanner type is adapted for specific sample types and/or applications. ​

Cox Analytical Systems is a leading provider of XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) Scanners since the 1990's. Since then, we have been building XRF scanners for scientific work in research and industry, scanners that maximize your analytical capacity and the quality and amount of information that you can pick up from your core samples in short time, non- destructively and cost efficient. Today there are hundreds of Itrax users all over the world.

Our deep understanding of x-ray physics has resulted in several cutting edge innovations, and Itrax XRF scanners are packed with smart solutions that let them work for you with best performance. Check out the many important innovations that first reached the market with Itrax by clicking here.

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